The Benefits of Baking For Kids

hello cupcake app, cupcakes, kids in the kitchenMy daughter recently found a new passion – baking cupcakes.  The benefits of children baking in the kitchen surprised me.

I noticed that the process of figuring out a recipe and making it all by herself gave my daughter:

–  a sense of accomplishment

–  pride

–  a new interest

–  expanded problem solving skills

It started when she discovered a free app for the iPad, Hello Cupcake!, from the popular book of the same name.

In the Hello Cupcake app, there are twelve recipes with clear directions, perfect for children to follow. I really liked that the app used real photographs, not cartoonish animation. Annika choose the flower cupcakes to bake first.

It was fun to watch how she used technology, which we know can be great but also problematic for kids if it’s not used wisely, for something so beneficial.

cooking benefits for kids

Of course, I’m really hoping what every parent hopes that she’ll start expanding her food palette!

This morning Annika made scrambled egg tacos – her own recipe, which included spinach, bananas, and apples. Unfortunately she wouldn’t eat her creation. It was quite interesting, too.

But I have hope.

Can I also admit I have a secret wish? Wouldn’t it be great if she didn’t just expand her palette, but took over cooking the meals several times a week?

But even if she doesn’t, I’m so happy that she’s cooking.

Think of the lifelong skills she’s building, the pride she’s feeling, and the help to the family. A practical and delicious activity, to be sure!

Plus she can make some of the yummy dishes pinned on the Kid Approved Food Pinterest board!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I am so thrilled that Annika found our app and has made some of our cupcakes! Please tell her that they look fabulous. And just to set your mind at ease, now that she has found the kitchen as a place not only to play, but create, she will be making dinners in no time. I started with Toll House cookies and I cook almost every night (and not just cupcakes). Bravo to you both and keep on decorating!

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