Printable: May Flowers

HeartGarlandApril showers bring May flowers…just in time for Mother’s Day! Give beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day that will last forever. Its a gift your little one will be proud to hand over to Mom, Grandma or their favorite Aunt! Choose a flower for each of the flower pots and add your choice of colorful leaves.

Add some special touches to each of the flowers to make them unique.

Add a special note to the flower pot or glue it onto a piece of construction paper to turn your May flowers into a beautiful homemade cards.

Get creative by adding puffy paints or glitter to make your flowers stand out.

Not just for Mother’s Day

Use the flowers as place settings for a garden themed birthday party!

Count how many pieces are needed to make each flower.

Find the patterns and colors that match the most between the flower pot, flower and leaves.

What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 4 Page Printable – (Click  images to download)




How To Make It:







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