Printable Games: Candy Dominoes

printable, preschool games, toddler crafts, dominoes

It’s spring break, although depending on where you live it may not quite feel like it with the cool temperatures and snow on the ground still in some areas!

Don’t despair if you’re home bound with the little ones for some of it, we have you covered with our Candy Dominoes printable game.

Simply download, print, cut out the dominoes pieces and you’ve got a no-cost game to keep the kiddos entertained that also helps them build matching, recognition and counting skills!

All you need are scissors and the Candy Dominoes printable pages, which you can download here.

printable, preschool games, toddler crafts, dominoesprintable, preschool games, toddler crafts, dominoesprintable, preschool games, toddler crafts, dominoes

How to play Candy Dominoes:

1. Place the dominoes face down into a pile on the playing surface

2. Each player picks 7 dominoes from the pile

3. To start, pick one domino from the pile and place it face up in the center of the playing area

4. Going around in a circle and taking turns, each player must match one end of a domino already played

6. If a player can not match one of the currently played dominoes, they must pick one from the pile

7. The first player to use all their dominoes is the winner!


For longer play, add more dominoes pieces to the pile!

If your kiddos enjoy Candy Dominoes, they’ll likely get a kick out of our preschool game, Zoominoes, which has lots of fun animals to match. Turn taking games like Zoominoes help kids learn cooperative play and build social skills.