Printable: Cup Critters

Make new friends with Cup Critters! Just cut and paste to create a dog and cat critter, Hungry Hank and Scared Sam.

What to do next is up to you!

Here’s an idea!

Having a birthday party? Cup critters is an easy craft for kids to do on there own with little help, making it a successful group project. Gather enough paper cups and print out characters for your party guests and set up a craft table. After the kids make their critters, they can be used as a place setting, or when turned upside down can hold candy from the pinata!


What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • Paper Cups

  • 4 Page Printable – (Click  image to download)

CupCritters-01 CupCritters-02 CupCritters-03 CupCritters-04

How To Make It:




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