Printable: Creative Activities for Kids

Free Kid's Activity Printables available for download on our blog. Color, create, explore and design 5 activities! |

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities with water, bubbles, sunshine and sidewalk chalk. But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and you’re stuck indoors. Be prepared for this not so sunny days with these fun printables. Click on each of the images below to download and print the activity shown.

Free Printable: Decorate your own hamburger #alextoys |

Yum, a hamburger! Draw your favorite toppings!


Free Printable: Turtle Shell Maze #alextoys |

Start by the turtle’s left shoulder and find your way through the maze to the center! When you’re done, grab your bucket of crayons and color him in!

Free Printable: Sailboat Coloring Sheet #alextoys #printable #summer |

Set sail for some coloring fun!

Free Kid's Printable: Make up a country and decorate your own flag #alextoys |

If you had your own country, what would be on your flag? Now’s the time to show the world your favorite things!

Free coloring sheet: Bugs #printable #alextoys |

Name all four bugs then draw funny faces on each one!

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