Printable: Beach Themed Activity Sheets

Download 3 Beach #Printables to entertain kids |

If you’re planning a beach trip, download and print these 3 beach activity sheets to get your kids excited or get ready for a rainy day at the beach house!

Click on each of the images below to download and print the activity shown.

#Free #Printable activity sheet from #Alextoys - Connect the dots to make flip flops |

Count from 1 to 20 to draw a pair of flip flops!

#Free #Printable activity sheet #kids #Craft from #Alextoys - cut and create a sailboat |

Make a beautiful sailboat craft while practicing your scissor skills!

#Free #Printable activity sheet from #Alextoys - Finish the sand castle |

Learn all about reflection as you draw the other side of the sand castle.

If you’re looking for some items you can use in the sand, check out the Poof Max Boom Racquet Set, Alex Toys Super Sand Digger, and Alex Toys Swirl O Disk.

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